Active Release Therapy

Relieve the effects of repetitive stress and scar tissue and get back to doing the thing you love pain free!

About Active Release Therapy

We are constantly pushing our bodies to the limit. Whether we are working long hours, exercising avidly, partaking in sports, or simply trying to keep up with every day life, we are harder on our bodies than ever before. Many daily activities cause repetitive stress and the formation of scar tissue, which restricts the movement and function of oft tissues. This results in pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion, and numbness and weakness. Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.®) is a new approach to treating muscle, tendon, nerve, and soft tissue injury.

Why choose ART:

  • Effective treatment to reduce scar tissue
  • Reduces the effects of repetitive stress
  • Non-invasive
  • No drugs required
  • Virtually no side-effects

Additional Info:

Active Release Therapy (ART) can be effectively used to reduce scar tissue by locating the adhesions that are causing the problem, applying tension with the thumbs over these areas in the direction of the fibres, and then having the patient elongate the musculature while they continue to apply tension. By breaking up the adhesions and restoring blood flow to the tissues, the condition will steadily improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Active Release Therapy hurt?

Active Release therapy is relatively painless. However, treatments may feel uncomfortable during the movement phases as the scar tissue or adhesion breaks apart. Most patients describe this as a “good pain”.

What conditions can ART treat?

ART can be effectively used to reduce scar tissue and the effects of repetitive stress on muscles.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment?

The majority of major health insurance companies cover most of our treatments. Please feel free to contact our office at 604-990-6676 to ask a question. However, for a comprehensive report of coverage please consult with your insurance company.

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  • "My neck is completely free of pain!"

    For approximately 25 years I have experienced varying degrees of pain in my neck and back and have tried a number of different treatments to eliminate the discomfort. Now, to my amazement and delight, you have treated me with Active Release Therapy and my neck is completely free of pain.

    Over a period of approximately eight weeks you applied this treatment to my neck and I have not had a moment of discomfort since my last treatment.

    I am so impressed with your technique, skill and commitment to chiropractic that I am looking forward to further treatments – with the goal of a completely pain-free back. Thank you!