Dr. Ali Akhavan
Dr. Ali AkhavanChiropractor
Dr. Sirus Vakilian
Dr. Sirus VakilianChiropractor

At his North Vancouver chiropractic clinic Dr. Akhavan uses his skills to improve the lifestyles of patients young and old, from those who live day-to-day with chronic back issues, migraines and arthritis pain, to those who are suffering from neck pain, whiplash and disc herniation.

Dr. Akhavan’s North Vancouver chiropractic clinic offers its patients a fully integrated health model that utilizes medical diagnostic technology with various therapies that are safe, non-invasive, and effective.

“People are looking for natural alternatives to deal with their health problems,” adds Dr Akhavan. “They aren’t just going to their family doctor to get a prescription anymore. Once they go to a chiropractor, they realize that a chiropractor not only helps to alleviate their health problem, but that they feel generally healthier and they sleep better because their nervous system is working at its optimal capacity.

“Our role is to educate our patients that health comes from within – not from the bottom of a pill bottle.”

When he’s not busy helping his patients to achieve health and wellbeing, Dr Akhavan can be found spending quality time with his wife and two children, researching different natural health disciplines, or kicking a soccer ball around.